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2018 Rules Questions

2018 – Rules Q&A

Q. 1.     I selected one student who is graduating early (in December) to be part of the Pace team for writing the brief. As he will have graduated, he will not be eligible to argue in February. Can an exception to the rule be made under these circumstances to allow this graduating student to work on the brief?

A. 1.       After a thorough consideration of the Rules, I, we must inform you that the student graduating in December will be unable to participate.

Rule III.A. states, "all of whom must be registered law students seeking a Juris Doctor degree and in good standing at their respective schools at the time of brief writing and oral argument. There are to be no alternate Team members. Each Team member must argue in at least one preliminary round." 

Q. 2.       I am involved with forming the Environmental Moot Court Team for my university. One of the questions we have involves the qualifications of a coach.  Specifically, may a LLM student serve as coach to the JD candidate team members?

A. 2.       We do not have any rules that prohibit a LLM student from serving as a coach to JD candidate team members. However, please do keep in mind the following rule with regard to coaching:

Rule VI: No Team shall receive assistance prior to filing its brief, including research, writing or any aspect of preparing the brief. No Team shall receive assistance of any kind during an oral argument at the Competition or during any recess thereof. To maintain team anonymity, coaches may not communicate with their team during the oral arguments.

Q. 3.      Are we allowed to bring a diagram of the water plants as a demonstration to oral arguments?

A. 3.       No. Video and/or audio taping of oral arguments is prohibited.  Visual aids are not permitted during oral arguments.