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Application Process

During the first year, students will write a brief and compete in a 1L oral argument during the spring semester.  Those students who advance in this oral argument will be invited to enroll in the Advanced Appellate Advocacy class in the fall of their second year.  Students who elect to take this class will participate in a Grand Moot Competition.  The winners of this Grand Moot Competition will become Pace’s National Moot Team. Selection to an inter school competition on the following teams will be made based on successful completion of the course. It will not be necessary for the students to participation in the fall tryouts for these specific competitions:

  • National Environmental Competition
  • Dean Jerome Prince Evidence Competition
  • National Moot Court Competition
  • International Environmental Moot Court Competition
  • American Constitutional Society
  • Duberstein Moot Court Competition (Bankruptcy)

Professor Fasulo will assign students to these teams based on the student’s own interests and his recommendation.

Selection for Additional Moot Courts
All students are eligible to try out for the following moot courts. Students who take or have completed the Advanced Appellate Advocacy class will not be guaranteed a spot in and must try out for the following moot court teams in the fall of their second or third year:

  • International Criminal Court Moot Competition
  • Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
  • Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
  • BLSA Fredrick Douglass Moot (membership required)
  • Thomas Tang Competition
  • American Constitutional Society

The Moot Court Board will hold tryouts for these moot court teams in the fall semester, but make no decisions or recommendations on which students will get on each team.  Professor Fasulo in conjunction with the individual team advisors, will decide which students are selected for which moot court team.

Application material for the Pace Moot Court program:

  • Written Application (See online application)  
  • Provide preferences for Oral Argument
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Oral argument problem and supplemental materials (including record, exhibits and two briefs) available only in hard copy from E-House room 204.

Did I complete everything? 

No additional research is permitted or necessary. All tryouts will be digitally recorded.