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Clinical Programs

To be a good lawyer, you need to be not only smart, but wise; to have not only good instincts, but the discipline to sometimes go against them -- to exercise professional judgment.

At Pace Law School, helping you develop professional judgment is our primary objective. That's why we offer you the opportunity to experience the law in clinics where you represent clients as real attorneys; in externships where you work with judges, private firms, legal aid or government agencies; and in lawyering courses where you learn the concepts and techniques of specific practice skills.

Our clinical, externship and lawyering programs expose students to the demands, constraints and methods of deciding for themselves what has to be done and the most ethical and prudent way to do it. We enable students to make the transition from the relatively passive communication of abstract knowledge to solving problems and changing reality as active lawyers.

Learning opportunities are guided by professional educators who are almost all permanent, full-time members of the faculty. Their role is not to direct the lawyering work but to monitor its quality and to help students learn as much from their experience as possible.

The heart of your clinical experience is the daily interaction with either the attorneys and staff at an externship or with faculty and students in a clinic. This interaction may take place in a formal case conference or in the course of a regular workday encounter. By encountering these on-site experiences, you will learn by watching others and develop your own professional experience and work ethic.