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The David Sive Archive:
Pioneering Environmental Litigation
1962 - 1990

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Pace University School of Law
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Gerber Glass Building
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Descriptive Summary

Title: The David Sive Archive: Pioneering Environmental Litigation 1962 - 1990

Creator: David Sive, Esq.

Extent: 91 Linear Feet

Date Span: 1962 - 1990

Repository: Pace University School of Law, Law Library

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Abstract: David Sive, Esq., and his law firms were among the first to prosecute complex environmental claims in the federal and state courts of the United States.  Mr. Sive represented parties in a number of significant environmental cases, most notably the litigation to prevent Con Edison from building a major energy production facility at Storm King Mountain in the Hudson River Valley of New York State.  He was also counsel in lawsuits seeking to prevent construction of the Trident Nuclear Submarine, and bomb testing at Amchitka Island, Alaska, until proper studies were made of the potential environmental impacts of these projects.  After retiring from active law practice, Mr. Sive taught in the Environmental Studies Program at Pace University School of Law.  The Law Library gratefully acknowledges the generous donation  of his files to Pace Law School for this Archive.

Administrative Information:
Access: Call Jack McNeill for appointment, at (914) 422-4414.

Usage Restrictions: Copyright is retained by the authors, or their descendants, as provided by United States copyright law.

Provenance: David and Mary R. Sive presented the files to the Pace University School of Law in 2002.

Collection Overview: The Archive includes twenty-one series, consisting of twenty cases (including related matters and appeals, some with different case names and/or index/docket numbers), and a twenty-first series comprising a number of miscellaneous files  and a small number of personal papers of Mr. Sive.  Case files are generally arranged by litigation documents, in date order where possible, correspondence, legal research and background documents, drafts, memoranda, and news clippings, in sequentially-numbered folders.  A full catalog of each series can be found online at the links below.


1.  Scenic Hudson, Inc. v. Federal Power Commission, and related cases (collectively known as "Storm King")

Lawsuit to prevent construction of a major power facility at Storm King Mountain in New York's Hudson River Valley.

8 boxes

2.  Citizens Committee for the Hudson Valley v. Volpe, and related cases

Lawsuit to prevent construction of an expressway on the eastern short of the Hudson River and require environmental impact statement.

3 boxes

3.  Township of Springfield v. Lewis

Lawsuit by adjacent municipalities to compel New Jersey to discontinue proposed extension of I-287.

5 boxes

4.  County of Bergen v. Dole

Lawsuit by Bergen County, New Jersey, to prevent I-287 extension

3 boxes

5.  Concerned About Trident, Inc. v. Schlesinger

Lawsuit seeking to compel the U.S. Department of Defense to prepare and publish environmental impact statement prior to construction of the Trident nuclear submarine.

10 boxes

6.  Dobbs v. Vornado

Litigation regarding conflicting claims to appropriate site for proposed Shop-Rite shopping center.

6 boxes

7.  Lake Minnewaska Eminent Domain Proceeding

Challenge to the proposed condemnation and acquisition by New York State of Lake Minnewaska anRd surrounding properties for preservation as a state park, by property owners advocating development; David Sive acted as the administrative hearing officer in this proceeding.

2 boxes

8.  Committee for Nuclear Responsibility v. Seaborg

Lawsuit to enjoin proposed nuclear bomb tests on Amchitka Island, Alaska, until appropriate environmental impact studies were made.

2 boxes

9.  The Mohonk Trust, Inc. v. Township of Gardiner, and related case

Related Article 78 proceedings seeking to deny tax exemptions claimed by The Mohonk Trust as a nature preserve.

2 boxes

10.  Adams v. Town of Rockland

Environmental challenge to zoning amendment allowing the proposed construction of residential subdivision near Edgewood Lakes in New York State.

2 boxes

11. Beaufort-Jasper County Water Authority v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Lawsuit to enjoin the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from permitting Milliken & Company to construct a loading facility in Charleston, South Carolina.

2 boxes

12.  Group for America's South Fork, Inc. v. Flacke

Challenge to construction of the Sunrise Highway on Long Island, New York, on environmental grounds.

2 boxes

13.  Town of New Windsor v. Ronan, and related administrative proceeding

Litigation seeking to prevent the proposed major expansion of Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York, after its sale by the federal government to the New York MTA.

5 boxes

14. In re Adirondack Mountain Reserve v. Town of North Hudson, and related case

Lawsuit to preserve public access to sections of the Adirondack Mountain Reserve.

1 box

15.  State of Vermont v. State of New York

Lawsuit to compel the State of New York to prohibit International Paper Company from discharging effluent into the Lake George tributary system and thereby polluting Lake Champlain.

2 boxes

16.  Connecticut Light & Power Co. (Microwave Tower) and Open Space Legislation

Administrative proceeding seeking to prevent construction of a microwave tower in Bethel, Connecticut, on environmental grounds, and proposed legislation arising from open airspace issue.

1 box

17.  Catskill Center v. Voss, and related cases

Article 78 proceedings regarding property tax exemptions.

4 boxes

18.  Engel v. Wilson

Petition by resident and former member of Board of Trustees of the Village of Ossining, New York, seeking reassessment of taxes against properties owned by several charitable organizations.

1 box

19.  Doyle v. Standard Oil of Indiana, d/b/a Amoco Oil Co.

Lawsuit against oil producer for personal injuries and property damage due to environmental violations.

2 boxes

(This series is not currently available to the public, pending releases from individual parties)

20.  Webster Associates v. Town of Webster

Article 78 proceeding regarding tax exemptions.

4 boxes

21.  Miscellaneous    

The David Sive Archive is cataloged and maintained by Gail Whittemore, M.L.S., J.D., Special Collections Librarian, Pace Law Library