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Criminal Law Faculty

Carol Barry
Prosecutorial Externship, Honors Prosecutorial Externship, Legal Skills
Lissa Griffin
Adjudication, Comparative Adjudication, Criminal Procedure, Comparative Criminal Procedure, Evidence
Matthew E. Brotmann
Prosecution of War Crimes
John Humbach
Criminal Law, Justice & Ethics
David Dorfman
Criminal Defense Clinic, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure/Investigation, Topics in Legal Theory
Hon. La Tia W. Martin
Criminal Procedure Adjudication
Lou Fasulo
Advanced Trial Advocacy, Trial Advocacy, Skills Workshop: Forensics
Tom McDonnell
Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, International Human Rights Law, International Law
Linda Fentiman
Intent Crimes and Mental Disability, White Collar Crime
John C. Meringolo
Trial Advocacy, Federal Criminal Pretrial Simulation
Leslie Garfield
Criminal Law and the Internet
Vanessa Merton
Immigration Justice Clinic, Criminal Law
Bennett L. Gershman
Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Prosecutorial Ethics
Michael Mushlin
Civil Procedure, Evidence, Prisoners’ Rights
Frederic I. Green
Advanced Criminal Law Seminar
Audrey Rogers
Criminal Law, Victimless Crimes, Sex Offenses and the Internet
Alexander Greenawalt
Criminal Law, International Criminal Law, International Law