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Events Planning Guidelines

Office of Responsibility: Office of the Dean of Law, ext. 4407

These Guidelines are designed to ensure that public events planning at Pace Law School is performed in a timely fashion, and that resources invested in public events are used most effectively to support academic, development, social and student objectives.

  1. Event Calendaring for the Fall and Spring semesters will take place in January – June of the Spring semester immediately preceding that time period.

  2. Curricular events will take precedent in room scheduling provided that organizers have participated in the planning process, and in general academic events will receive priority in all scheduling decisions.

  3. No event that requires the expenditure of funds will be scheduled without prior budgetary approval from the Office of the COO.

  4. Events will be scheduled to minimize the calendaring of more than two events per week that require faculty attendance.

  5. The Coordinator of Special Events will consult with the Dean when asked to schedule events that may present potential conflicts.

  6. All events that are funded out of the Office of the Dean for Students must be approved in writing by that office prior to being scheduled.

  7. There will be no more than four major student organization evening events per semester.

  8. The Director of Development and Alumni Relations must approve all events, to which significant numbers of Alumni are invited.

  9. Events will not be scheduled within a two-week period if they compete for essentially the same audiences.

  10. Events will be coordinated so as to reduce the number of occasions when individuals are invited to the campus; (e.g. advisory board meetings will be scheduled at the same time as alumni/academic program attracting those same individuals).

  11. Scheduling of academic lectures, conferences, colloquia, symposia etc., will be done in consultation with the Director of Communications.