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Faculty Profiles Shelby Green "I'm continually impressed with the level of professional and practical knowledge of Pace students."
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Accomplished and Intellectual

The more than 100 full-time and adjunct professors who comprise the Pace Law School faculty are both scholars and lawyers, with outstanding academic credentials and extensive legal experience. From prior work as attorneys, litigators, regulators, clerks, and counselors, in the corporate, nonprofit, and public sectors, the Pace Law School faculty brings diverse and unique perspectives to the theoretical principles of law.

Staying current with emerging trends, our faculty provides relevant legal scholarship to our students, surrounding community, and the world. In addition to teaching, Pace Law School professors publish articles, papers, and books, frequently lecture at home and abroad, and serve as advisers, board members, and fellows for a range of prestigious organizations. They are also instrumental in attracting other accomplished and influential visiting scholars to the Pace campus.

Committed and Accessible

Above all, faculty members at Pace Law School love to teach. They are eager to share their broad knowledge and unique methodologies with students both in and out of the classroom, and they offer an extensive variety of courses and hands-on learning experiences. Employing the Socratic method and innovative teaching techniques, Pace faculty members engage students in lively classroom discussion that stimulates each student's intellectual and professional growth.