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Information Tech. Policy for Faculty and Staff

Pace Law School Information Technology Policy for Faculty and Staff


Office of Responsibility: Law School IT, ext. 44290

Law IT Mission

The mission of the Law School Help Desk is to provide friendly and exceptional technical support to the students, staff, and faculty of the Pace Law School. At the heart of Pace Law IT is the Law-IT Help Desk which is responsible for providing technical assistance and essential information to all Students, Student Journals and Organizations, Staff Members, and Faculty.

Law IT will:

  • Diagnose and/or troubleshoot laptop configurations and/or security issues
  • Assist with Pace licensed software installations (e. g. Antivirus, VPN)
  • Recommend hardware/software purchases
  • Assist with network resource access
  • Provide information/configure email settings, including adding and removing email addresses from distribution lists
  • Liaison with the Pace University Division of Technology (DoIT) for issues that fall under the larger University's authority (e. g. MyPace portal, dorm room network access, etc. )
  • Provide technical support for Pace-owned computing resources (printers, library computers)
  • Provide extended support hours leading up to and during finals
  • Always feel free to contact Law IT with technical issues - we are here to help. If you have any suggestions or comments these are also welcome.
  • Pace Law School Information Technology (Law-IT)

Response Time

IT will respond as soon as possible to requests for computing support made by contacting ext. 44290. We will make our best effort to respond to requests within one business day, excluding weekends and holidays. In some cases, more than one visit will be necessary but a communication will be provided within one business day, not including weekends and university holidays. Priority is given to individuals whose computers are not functioning. During law school finals, priority is given to exam related issues.

IT Emergencies

An IT emergency is a server or network event that affects many people. Please check http://status. pace. edu for information and updates on mission critical services. During normal operating hours please contact Law IT at ext. 44290 or for help. If there is an emergency after business hours, please send an email to and someone will respond as soon it is reasonable to do so. The Director of IT's Blackberry Mobile phone number is published to the University White Pages or Pace Law School's Security personnel can always contact the director and the on-call Law IT staff member.

Appropriate Use Policy

Please note that all members of the Pace Law School network are responsible for reading and abiding by Pace University's Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology; it is your responsibility to access the Appropriate Use Policy. Every member of the Pace Law School community is responsible for reviewing this Policy periodically to ensure continued compliance with all Pace University IT guidelines.

Access to technical resources at Pace Law School is a privilege and carries with it a responsibility to protect those resources. It is the policy of this Law School and Pace University that all computing, telecommunications, and associated network facilities be used ethically and legally, in accordance with the University's mission and all applicable licenses and contracts.Any use that would impede teaching, learning or research, hinder the functioning of the Law School or University, violate an applicable license or contract, damage community relations or relations with institutions with whom Pace shares responsibility, or violate federal copyright law, violates this policy. Violation of this policy may result in suspension of privileges to access the information technology involved, initiation of disciplinary procedures or, in extreme cases, criminal prosecution under federal or state law. Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for all usage that is done under his or her Username, and should never disclose passwords to anyone else.


Pace Law School uses Microsoft Outlook as its email client and Microsoft Exchange as its email server application. All Faculty and staff have an email account which is usually first_initial_last_name@law. pace. edu. You may access your email account from anywhere as long as you have Internet access. The mailbox size limit for Pace Law School faculty and staff is 300 Mb. Law School IT recommends that you clean your mailbox periodically, including emptying the "deleted files" folder. You should take advantage of the archiving feature of Outlook to save older mail to your local computer; your computer will also perform faster if you keep your mailbox smaller. If your mailbox becomes close to its size limit, you will receive warning by email. If this happens please take the time to perform some mailbox maintenance and feel free to contact Law IT for assistance. If you do not heed the warning email, eventually you will not be able to send or receive email until the mailbox size is brought back under the limit. In order to protect your personal information, please do not open attachments from email recipients that you do not know. Please read email announcements generated by the Law IT department as they contain important information.

"Home" Directories

All faculty and staff are provided with a secured Home Directory specific to him or her; senior members of the law school's IT team have secondary access to the Home Directories so the contents can be backed up and retrieved in case of accidental loss of data, or if required by an investigation, and do not access them for any other purpose. Your Home Directory is for storing Pace Law School materials and is not for storing personal files. You can access your Home Directory from any Law School computer. If for any reason you do not have a visible Home Directory, or need assistance locating it, please contact Law IT. For security reasons, access to your Home Directory is available only from within the University network or with an active Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

If you need a shared departmental directory, please request this by contacting the Helpdesk. Be sure to provide a list of authorized users and their levels of access (read files only, write, modify, delete etc. ).


Certain resources are not accessible when not on the Pace University campus(es); this is for security reasons. Virtual Private Network (VPN) software can be used by all Pace Law School staff, faculty, and students to conform to this security restriction. When logged on to the Pace network with VPN Software, one is able to connect to a "private" network through an encrypted "tunnel" that can be run through any Internet connection. This enables secure access to private network resources by creating a virtual network connection.

For more information about VPN click here.

Software Application Support:

Law IT supports a large number of software applications, and participates in software licensing policies with various vendors. All software installed on a Pace Law School owned computer by IT is considered to be supported software (e. g. Microsoft Office, Symantec Antivirus, VPN, etc. ). Some additional software may be purchased for the Pace Law School community by Law IT and this is also considered to be supported software (e. g. Adobe Professional, DragonSpeak Naturally, etc. ) If a single person or department would like to use or purchase software that is not deemed to be a Pace Law School-wide standard (i. e. "unsupported" software), Law IT will provide recommendations and assistance but will not purchase or give priority in troubleshooting the unsupported software if there are difficulties caused by the software (i. e. Adobe Photoshop,Corel WordPerfect, Plaxo, etc. )

Faculty and Staff Computers

Faculty and staff shall not install, on Law School/University computers, unauthorized software or applications downloaded from the Internet or software brought in from home. Law School IT reserves the right to uninstall any unauthorized software which may conflict with authorized software applications, violates licensing policy, or otherwise causes instability to Law School equipment.

All full-time staff are provided with a desktop computer.  Faculty may request a desktop or laptop during a new PC cycle. Law IT does its best to refresh computers every four years. If a computer is less than four years old and still under warranty, under no conditions will a new computer be approved.

Personal Computers

Law School IT does not support or service Faculty and Staff home/personal computers. We may advise you regarding new purchases and assist you in finding software and hardware vendors that offer educational discounts. Faculty and Staff must not ask Law IT to work on personal computer or network issues during law school hours. Technicians who so desire may work for additional compensation from a faculty or staff member on non-law school time.

"Loaner" Laptops

There are a limited number of laptops available for loan by contacting IT. Faculty and staff should make a laptop loan request well in advance of the date of the loan. Laptops are loaned on a first come, first serve basis. No guarantee can be made that a laptop will be available if the request and laptop availability was not confirmed by an IT staff member. Faculty and staff borrowing a laptop will be asked to sign an equipment loan form and provide the date the laptop will be returned. If an extension of the loan is necessary, please contact IT to make the request. Laptops should be handled with care; do not leave the laptop unattended or expose it to extreme variations in temperature. Do not remove any identification tags. Do not install unauthorized software or hardware on the laptop. If a loss, theft or damage occurs, faculty and staff are required to obtain a police report or other necessary documentation as support for our insurance claim.

Office Telephones

All telephone support for Pace University , including the School of Law is handled by the University's Division of Information Technology (DoIT). For the quickest and best service, please direct all phone related issues and inquiries for office phones by logging in and submitting your request to http://DoIThelpdesk. pace. edu.

Project Requests

Requests for IT assistance should be made well in advance. The amount of time to complete a project will depend on cycles in the Pace Law School semester, the complexity of the project, the resources required, the purpose of the project, and its role in advancing the mission of Pace Law School. Please send an email to Law IT to have your project reviewed. Requesters should seek guidance from IT in completing information regarding cost and time required to complete the project. Requests may be subject to review by academic or business areas outside of IT.

Software and hardware upgrades are considered projects, except for unforeseeable opportunities or needs; please place your request far in advance. This does not include necessary repairs and day-to-day support.

Viruses and Spyware

Faculty and staff should be cautious when transferring files from home or other location to Law School computers. Faculty and Staff are responsible for maintaining and updating a virus scan application on any computer, home, laptop, etc. , that will be used to save files to be transferred to LawSchoolcomputers. Faculty and staff may obtain directions and advice by visiting the Law School IT webpage, contacting IT, or by following the directions provided in the antivirus application that he/she has chosen to purchase. Antivirus licensing for Law School IT does not provide for faculty and staff home computers.

IT Public Access Services

There are multi-function copiers located throughout campus. Scanners are available in the Library for use by students, faculty and staff. Instructions for use are posted clearly near the scanners.


There are networked printers throughout the LawSchoolcampus. Law IT supports these shared printers and copiers through contracts with external vendors. All maintenance and toner for these machines are provided by these vendors. IT requests that you refrain from using unauthorized labels or paper that may jam these printers. Please do not use color printers for black and white jobs. If service or supplies are needed for a network printer or copier, please contact Law IT to make arrangements.

If your department or an individual decides to purchase a printer in addition to the available shared network printers, Law IT can: provide a quote and configure it for you. Although Law IT will provide you with contact information of vendors for service and toner, Law IT will not purchase or make purchase arrangements with the third-party company.

IT will not provide toner or ink for personal printers. In addition, IT cannot repair or service personal printers. If a personal printer causes LawSchoolcomputers to become unstable, IT will request its removal and assist you to do so.

Fax Machines

Law School IT does not provide any service or supplies for fax machines. Departmental requests for new faxing capabilities will be fulfilled via the University's network based LAN Fax solution. A LAN Fax number can be requested by contacting LawIT. When a fax is sent to a LanFax number it will be sent as an email attachment to your inbox.

Faculty and Staff Personal Web Sites

Pace University provides web space free of charge to all faculty, staff, and students. Point your browser to http://webpage. pace. edu for instructions. You will be required to activate your account using your Pace Username and password.