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January 13, 2009: Natty Never Get Weary

Howard (Man-I) Beckford

January 13, 2009

Natty Never Get Weary

Spring semester in law school is a time of realization, a profound knowledge recently revealed.  First-year students discover that their peers are perhaps a bit smarter than previously thought, while second-year students realize they are now closer to the end than the beginning.  As for 3L’s the thought of hitting the bar is suddenly less appealing.

For as long as any of us can remember, we have always pondered the question “what do I want to be?” As every law professor will tell you, the correct answer to that question is, “depends.” As we gain a greater knowledge of ourselves and the world, we discover that the better and more specific question is “what do I want to do”?  For many of us graduating in May, the answer to this latter question is the reason we went to law school in the first place. Notwithstanding the many lawyer jokes (some of which are quite funny), there is also an understanding that the study and practice of law remains a noble mission. A lawyer has an opportunity to act in several capacities while effecting positive change in society, as an educator, community organizer, or public servant.

This semester promises to be very exciting; I have signed up for some interesting courses that are sure to be very relevant in the future. So, what do I want to do? Time will tell.



Howard (Man-I) Beckford

4L Day (Class of 2009)

International Law; criminal law and immigration law

May Pen, Jamaica

Undergraduate degree:
B.A. in History and Sociology from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, USA

Human Rights In Action (HRIA) selection committee member; Secretary, Black Law Student Association (BLSA)