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Moot Court and Trial Advocacy Board Responsibilities

The Moot Court Board is selected in the Spring by the current Moot Court Board in conjunction with the director.

  • Administer and run all aspects of the Louis V. Fasulo First Year Moot Court Competition and assist in all aspects of the administration of the Grand Moot Court 
  • Assist in internal and external trial competitions 
  • Set up all components of the internal tryout;
  • Set up all room assignments and other Pace Law School equipment requirements with Special Events
  • Coordinator and attend calendar meetings; 
  • Oversee that photocopies of briefs are made one week before they are due;  
  • Oversee that the briefs are sent out in a timely manner;
  • Assist team leaders in sending out briefs to Competition headquarters;
  • Arrange practice sessions with team leader;
  • Assist in setting up final public in-house moot practices; 
  • Handle correspondence and distribution of briefs to law school faculty and outside judges;
  • Report to the Pace Law School community on teams' performance;
  • Assist in managing the Pace Law School Moot Court Program Website;
  • Assist the Director and the Administrator in the various administrative components of the competitions as well as preparation of the moot court budget.
  • Propose policies and procedures for Moot Court teams and competitions and work with the Director in the development of the overall Moot Court program in the law school.