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November 26, 2008: Law School, Law School, Law School

Seth Victor

November 26, 2008

Law School, Law School, Law School

It is perhaps poor form for a blogger to lament his lack of updating in the very first post after a long drought. Yet such absent-mindedness is actually quite appropriate for someone who is blogging about law school. For all of you who are familiar with the expression, “Law school is a demanding mistress,” (maybe “lover” is more gender neutral, but I suspect few students would use such an endearing term), it is true. What you don’t read, however, in the “How to Prepare for Law School” books is that law school is a great deal of fun as well. No one comes here unless they are a bit of a keener at heart. Pace provides the kind of busy that is really more engrossing than it is demanding. Of course, if you talk to the first years in my hall, I wager you will get a different answer. But this is my blog, and I will ignore their silent protest.

Between working at educational media, going into NYC for the U.N., and my five classes, I have few precious hours to myself during the day. Hats off to all of those who can manage to do a clinic on top of all that, or law review. Having done moot court last year, I am in no hurry to sacrifice any more time than I already am. Still, it’s a rush. I realize that there will be precious few other times in my life when I can do this many different things, explore diverse interests, and still call it a full-time occupation. Yes, I am a student, and I am paying for this privilege, but I may (shudder) actually be getting my money’s worth. No, I am not justifying the extraordinary high price of attending law school in the United States (take a look at what the Aussies pay for law school and get back to me), but I am saying that if you do more than simply go to class, study, and go home, law school can feel more like an adventure than a sufferable hump on the way to a career in front of the bench.

The exam period begins next week. Panic will ensue in the sea of 1Ls, and nothing the upper classmen can say or do will abate it fully. The 2Ls in moot court and law review will stress and type and pass out, and the 3Ls that have not found a job yet will become numb and hollow. Some of them will, at least. Some of us, on the other hand, will revel in the rush of deadlines that will at the worst result in a lower grade, rather than a firing. We will smile and remember that we chose to come here, and there is no reason not to enjoy it. Law school is, and always will be, what you make it, whether in academic success or personal sanity.



Seth Victor

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