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October 15, 2008: Politics and More

Rebecca Emory 

October 15, 2008

Politics and More

This past month has probably been the busiest month of my law school career. Despite massive amounts of reading, research and writing has slowly taken over my life. What used to be my free time is now spent in the library writing papers. Yet, since almost all 2Ls are just as busy, it is not as bad. We can complain, share the pain, and motivate each other.

Being so busy has also made time fly by. I can't believe it is mid-October already. The election is so close. As a political science major, I have been following politics for quite some time now and I'm so excited that this election is almost over. I have been taking time off from studying to watch the debates. This election has been dragged out for so long that it seems almost a little surreal that it's almost November 4th. My absentee ballot (finally) came, so my excitement level has gone up again.

It's funny, or rather sad, that Governor Palin has motivated me to get through this year of massive amounts of work. This semester has been a little rough, but her knowledge of politics and the laws of this country have shown me how valuable this degree is. Her answer to the Roe v. Wade question and the Supreme Court cases question in general was shocking to me. A politician should, at least, get briefed on Constitutional Law when running for such an important office. I think there is a reason why most politicians, especially the successful ones, have law degrees.

On a different note, I am on the selection committee to find the new Human Rights in Action interns for summer 2009. We have had several meetings and have conducted interviews. I am interested to see who gets nominated for the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Although I am a little jealous that other students are going to spend three months in Freetown next summer, I am excited for them because I know they will have an unbelievable experience. I am still in touch with a couple of people in Freetown and am already planning my next trip to Sweet Salone. I am also keeping up with the RUF (Revolutionary United Front) case that I was working on while I was at the Special Court. The Trial Judgment is supposed to come out end of October or some time in November. I am anxious to see what has been decided.

For now, I am just trying to get through this semester without getting too stressed out. I need to remember to take breaks and look at the big picture because sometimes I really wonder why I putting myself through so much stress. I don't want to scare the 1Ls but they need to be prepared for the second year and all of its challenges.



Rebecca Emory

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