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OneCard ID Office/Parking


The Pace OneCard serves as the official identification card of the University and is provided to all registered students, staff ,and faculty at no charge. Prior to the start of school, all students are photographed for ID cards that will be issued shortly thereafter. For students your Pace OneCard will be valid any semester you are registered, for faculty/staff it will be valid for the duration of employment at the University. The Pace OneCard is an ID card with a  debit option  for individuals who would like to take advantage of it; it is designed to tie in purchasing with on-campus and off-campus debit account funds. Some on-campus uses include for meal plan, library, vending machines, and even as a Mastercard debit card  to purchase books at the bookstore. For off-campus use, the Pace OneCard can be used like a check wherever Mastercard is accepted (funds must be deposited into a OneAccount prior to usage).

Students, faculty, and staff must activate their Pace OneCard at

For assistance at the Law School campus, contact (914) 422-4138

For more information about the Pace OneCard, visit the University's page.


A Pace Alumni ID card, with photo and a valid sticker, is necessary for access Pace Law School and Pace University campuses (including the Pace Law Library and Pace University's libraries). Access to the campus is permitted from 8:30 AM –- 11:00 PM. Facility access is valid through the academic year and is terminated automatically on August 31. Pace Law School alumni may obtain a Pace Alumni ID Card by filling out a patron information form available at the circulation desk of the Pace Law Library in the Gerber Glass Law Center and providing valid identification. Alumni must bring the completed form to the Pace OnceCard ID Office to receive the actual card.


All members of Pace University, including the Law School, must register their vehicles annually through the Pace OneCard Office.  The purposes of the registration requirements are to improve safety and security on campus, to permit emergency notifications and to maintain the integrity of our traffic program. The Pace OneCard Office is located on the first floor of Aloysia Hall.The office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and closed for lunch from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. during the week. After office hours, all requests for decals, new, or renewals can be made through the Office of Safety and Security located in the Student Life Center. If the Office of Safety and Security must close for an emergency, the Office of Student Services will send out an e-mail communication.

New Car Registration:  All new applications for parking decals must be made in person at the Pace OneCard Office.  All applications must be accompanied by a current car registration and a valid Pace University ID must be presented. All resident students must apply for parking decals in person at the Pace OneCard Office within the first two weeks of the beginning of the academic year.

Renewals:  All commuter students, faculty, and staff who are re-registering vehicles that have decals issued after 9/1/00 can obtain new expiration stickers only.  New expiration stickers will be issued in pairs to be placed on the current decals covering the old date. All resident students must apply for parking decals in person at the Pace OneCard Office within the first two weeks of the beginning of the academic year. To re-register a vehicle a form must be completed. Along with a copy of your Student ID, the form can be submitted to the Pace OneCard Office via fax at (914) 422-4174, or mailed to the following address:

Pace OneCard Office
Aloysia Hall, First Floor
Pace Law School
78 North Broadway
White Plains, NY  10603
(914) 422-4138 (phone)
(914) 422-4174 (fax)

There are extended hours for the first two weeks of each semester.