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Pace Community Law Practice

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Watch a video about the Pace Community Law Practice.

Watch a video of “Innovating Access to Justice: A Celebration of the Pace Community Law Practice” featuring the Hon. Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of New York State, as the keynote speaker. The program was held on April 4, 2013 at Pace Law School.

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A New Paradigm in Legal Services and Education

Launched in September 2012, the PCLP is a first-of-its-kind legal residency and incubator program where recent Law School graduates serve as Fellows who intensively learn legal practice under the supervision of experienced attorneys, provide high quality legal services, and gain the tools to create solo and small practices.

Expanding Access to Justice

The PCLP’s mission is to meet the urgent need for quality, affordable legal services in Westchester County and throughout the Hudson Valley.  In our first year, the PCLP assisted over 450 people, and has been retained by over 175 individuals and families in immigration, employment, benefits, and family law cases.  The PCLP has also provided extensive community education through events held at Pace and at collaborating community based organizations.  Our multi-year skills based program increases the legal system’s capacity to serve the community in the short term through direct representation and in the long term by providing our Fellows with the skills to create their own practices.

Leading Innovation in Legal Education

  • The PCLP provides a multi-year program of legal skills training, starting with intensive supervision and evolving into solo and small practice support.  The PCLP model brings law student interns, Fellows, and new solo practitioners together in one legal practice.
  • Legal Residency:
    • PCLP Fellows work under the close supervision of our supervising attorney, executive director, and mentors. 
    • PCLP Fellows are responsible for all aspects of our legal practice -- from providing high quality legal services to our clients, to creating and managing case management and business protocols, to community outreach and public education, to building the professional contacts that they will need in the years ahead.
    • All Fellows receive extensive training in a variety of substantive legal areas, practice management and legal ethics.
  • Solo Practice Incubator:
    • Upon completion of the legal residency, Fellows who choose to build solo practices receive critical ongoing support from the PCLP.  Craig Relles, a 2012 PCLP Fellow, has opened his own practice and is the PCLP's first incubated attorney.
    • Fellows turned solo practitioners benefit from access to PCLP office space, PCLP attorney supervisors and mentors, and the assistance of law student interns.
    • With ongoing PCLP support, former Fellows embark on solo careers with strong legal and practice management skills and a firm foundation of professional and community ties on which to build their practices.



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