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PACE-IICL VIS Online Pre-Moot


2nd Annual IICL eVis Pre-Moot

in preparation for the
22nd Vis Arbitration Moot in Vienna
and the
12th Vis Arbitration Moot in Hong Kong


DATE: February 23rd - 27th 2015
LOCATION:       Online

José Ricardo Feris
Deputy Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration

“Salient Features of the 2012 ICC Rules”

February 25, 2015
11am NY time

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A little historical perspective to understand where we are now.

For those that are not aware, the CISG Database was started in response to a comment made by one of the Vis Moot teams during the first moot.  A team mentioned to Albert H. Kritzer that they weren’t sure how competitive they could be in the memorandum drafting phase, as their library did not have a CISG collection and they didn’t otherwise have the money to invest in the relevant books.   This comment was made right at the same time the world wide web was emerging, and Professor Kritzer seized on the new technology to help level the playing field amongst moot competitors via an open access database providing comprehensive reporting on CISG materials.  What started as a moot initiative has helped shape the world’s understanding and application of international sales law. 

Where we are today.

Fast-forward 20 years and the Pace CISG Database is recognized internationally and the Moot attracts nearly 300 teams from over 60 countries.  One of the most interesting phenomenon of the Moot is the emergence of pre-moots to help teams prepare for the oral argument competition phase in Vienna or Hong Kong.  However, these pre-moots aren’t available to all and once again the playing field in not quite level.  However, as with the case 20 years ago, the Institute has seized upon emerging technology to help level the playing field.  The IICL has organized the online pre-moot to provide mooters from every corner of the globe an equal opportunity to obtain the pre-moot experience before competing in Vienna or Hong Kong.  We hope it aids in your preparation and we wish you all the best in your mooting experience!


Approximately one week before the pre-moot, the IICL will send each team an email with the assigned day and time for the team's oral argument practice session. The IICL will endeavor to schedule two - three practice rounds for your team during the period of February 23 – February 27, 2015, and guarantee a minimum of one practice round.

You do not need video-conferencing services to participate in the pre-moot. Rather, every individual that intends to be present in a particular session will receive an invitation sent directly to their email. On the day of your scheduled practice round, you should access the online platform directly from your computer via the invitation (you and your teammates can access from one invitation using the same computer and “take turns” sitting in front of the camera).

You should have a camera, speakers and microphone connected to your computer.

The platform can be accessed on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

For the most reliable connection, we recommend accessing the platform via a desktop or laptop computer, with a direct internet connection (although it will work with wireless). The quality of the training experience is primarily dependent on the quality of your internet connection.


Dear Teams and Arbitrators:

It has already been a few weeks since we all gathered virtually to participate in the IICL’s first online pre-moot to prepare for the upcoming Vis competitions in Vienna and Hong Kong.  By the conclusion of the week, nearly 60 teams and over 50 arbitrators participated, from over 25 countries.  We organized nearly 100 sessions with virtual rooms running simultaneously for a week. We were also able to open our virtual doors to invite the international community to listen to our pre-moot keynote lecture by Gary Born on “BITS BATS and BUTS: International Commercial and Investment Arbitration”. 

A sincere thank you to all the teams and arbitrators that made this a successful and meaningful event and a big thank you to our sponsor Cozen O’Connor for enabling the use of multiple virtual conference rooms.  I have participated in the Vis Moot since 1997, and I remain impressed with the heightened level of professionalism and seriousness which is given by the students every year as they prepare for the competition and the generosity of the arbitrators in volunteering their time to help mooters prepare.

I am also excited that we were able to leverage technology to enable a global event of this sort.  It epitomized the value of technology in the execution of lawyer’s work, the exchange of ideas and the creation of global networks.   Technology is a key to access and access enables opportunity.  I’m proud that all of us exercised the creativity and patience to make this new opportunity a success.  I think one of the most inspiring rounds was when the team from the Ukraine (National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Law School) managed to participate in a round against a team from Australia (University of Queensland), in front of arbitrators from the United States and Hungary.  This round really embodied all that the online pre-moot was intended to demonstrate and serve. 

Next year we look to expand team participation to at least 100 teams and add to the number of arbitrators and virtual rooms to support team practice sessions.  To those that only participated in one session, we thank you for your patience in this inaugural event and understand we will add virtual rooms next year so your team can participate in a minimum of two rounds.  We also plan on recording every session, so that you all have the opportunity to review them as part of your training. 

In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed (on my Facebook account, no less) that many teams quickly transitioned from the virtual pre-moot to the in-person pre-moot experience.  Whether you are nervous because you think you haven’t practiced enough, or you don’t know how you will manage so many practice sessions against other responsibilities, I hope you appreciate how much you have learned over these last several months and take the opportunity to meet your colleagues in person in Hong Kong or Vienna.  I will be in Vienna this year and look forward to seeing you there.

Many thanks again and all the best,

Director, IICL


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