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Caroline B.C. Hermann 2000

"When I was hired for my first job after graduation, the partner explained, 'We don't typically hire first-year associates, but with all of your practical experience, you can come into our law firm and hit the ground running!'

He saw that I had already taken and given depositions, prepared expert witnesses for trial, and written and submitted briefs. In fact, I was hired at my current EPA position in part because that office administers a very specific type of policy audit, one that I had worked on during a Pace Law internship. They were very surprised that I had that experience because it's not typical to come by.

During my time at the EPA and while interning at the DOJ, I've heard managers singing the praises of Pace Law. So many attorneys say, 'Oh, you went to Pace! You've already been through the Clean Water Act, you've already worked on this or that, and I'm going to pull you into this project because of your training and experience.'

Pace Law isn't purely theoretical or purely hands-on, but a bridging of the two. Students learn top-notch legal theory while working on actual cases. I found that practical application of theory present in everything I studied at Pace Law.

I received such incredible the one-on-one instruction and grounding in law. I am very grateful to have chosen Pace Law!"