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Hana Heineken 2010

Hana Heineken 2010

A Passion for Justice
Experience Beyond Her Peers

"Social justice and public policy have always been at the center of my work and Pace Law permitted me to stay committed to these higher goals.

I am originally from Tokyo, and after graduating from Princeton with a major in Political Science and a minor in East Asian Studies, I was introduced to the world of human rights and environmental policy through my work for a member of the Japanese Parliament, a former Minister of Environment.

The reason I came to Pace Law is because it has an amazing faculty, extensive programs, a great variety of classes and incredible experiential learning opportunities. While at Pace Law, I interned at the EPA, addressing climate change, hazardous waste export and electronic waste—subjects I had already been exploring in my classes. I drew on this experience in authoring a 45 page bench brief for the 2010 National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition, where  I examined loopholes in current domestic and international environmental laws regarding electronic waste, later published in Pace Law's Environmental Law Review. I also interned in the Trial Chamber at the U.N. Special Court for Sierra Leone where I learned how international courts use international criminal law to seek justice. This came in handy when researching international environmental tribunals on behalf of the Bolivian government and finding ways to hold polluters accountable for the effects of climate change.

In the Environmental Litigation Clinic, I was involved in representing Riverkeeper, Inc. (the representative defender of the Hudson River), in settlement negotiations, while working closely with a senior attorney. I communicated with clients, discussed attorney fees, researched case law and reviewed records. We learned how to do opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, closing statements, and present exhibits.

I love Pace for giving me these great opportunities to gain hands-on experience! Pace Law has prepared me extremely well for my career."