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Jason Foscolo 2002

Practical Activist

Like many Pace Law School alumni, Jason Foscolo is a lawyer on a mission, but his goal is not motivated by the usual garden-variety causes. As he puts it, “I don’t like the way our food is made. I want people to eat better.” That and the fact that he has “an abiding passion in all things edible” compelled him to pursue the unique yet ripe-for-the-picking practice of Food Law.

An unlikely path led Jason back to his agricultural “roots” in Eastern Long Island to establish Jason Foscolo LLC, where he is at once attorney, consultant, and coach. On September 11, 2001, Jason was a 3L at Pace Law School and felt duty-bound to serve as a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Marine Corps upon graduation. While stationed in Iwakuni, Japan, he gained insight into the way food is made and eaten, and developed a perspective on the American food system that changed the course of his life.

When Jason completed active duty in 2010, he enrolled in the Agricultural and Food Law LLM program at the University of Arkansas School of Law. There, he learned how the nation’s food system works, the special status afforded to food and agricultural producers, and the unique laws that regulate every aspect of food production from farm to fork.

Today his mission is to help farmers and food entrepreneurs achieve greater market access through cooperative development, direct marketing guidance, food processing compliance, product liability law, trademark and collective certification programs, product labeling, and grant funding. “There is a movement in this country involving slow food and food entrepreneurs. People are really doing cool things and need legal representation.”

Jason has faith in this model and is confident that this is an area of law that is going to expand. For one thing, as he is quick to point out, “there are more than 20 pickle companies in Brooklyn!”