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Jason Herman 2006

Jason Herman 2006

"I knew I wanted to be an Assistant District Attorney, but always felt very nervous standing up in front of people and talking. Through Moot Court competitions, trial advocacy classes, and internships working with legal professionals, I acquired the ability to think on my feet, gain the trust of a jury, and advocate confidently.

I came to Pace Law because I didn't want a cut-throat, impersonal law school, but a community in the suburbs where I could take advantage of great hands-on learning opportunities. And I took advantage of as many opportunities as I could. For example, in the Post-Conviction Project, I filed motions, met with inmates and interviewed new witnesses. One of our clients had been convicted of a sexual assault crime, but new DNA evidence, which could have changed the original outcome, was uncovered and we advocated for its scientific testing. In a murder case, we interviewed a witness who was never put forward at the original trial. In another clinic I drew up petitions, filed pleadings, stood in front of the judge and advocated for my clients while my professor supervised - I was treated as if I were an attorney.

Beyond practical legal skills programs, Pace Law offers a summer Skills Enrichment Program (SEP) for students who want a leg up on classwork before their first semester. SEP was a great experience for me. Not only did I meet lasting friends but I learned how to brief cases, got used to being called on, and generally learned to feel comfortable with law school all before my first real day of classes.

My experiences at Pace Law prepared me for my current position as an Assistant District Attorney in the Felony Trial Bureau at the Bronx County DA's Office. Because I studied prisoners' rights, visited prisons, interned in legal services, and observed how defenders work, I feel I'm a stronger prosecutor, able to see different complexities of a situation and evaluate crimes. Every year, the Bronx DA's Office hires Pace Law grads and I believe that's because they know we have actual experience, exceptional knowledge and skills training, and that we will do a great job because our innate strengths have been developed and groomed.

Pace Law provides a fantastic atmosphere where students can become strong, skilled and confident. I could not have asked for a better law school experience."