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Veronica Muñoz 1996

Science + Law = Formula for Success

“Patent law is by far the sexiest area of litigation,” declares Pace Law School alumna Veronica Muñoz, a partner in the New York office of Hogan Lovells.

Muñoz specializes in intellectual property law especially as it applies to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, a natural specialty for an attorney who first trained to be a scientist. With a B.S. in biochemistry, Muñoz worked previously as a researcher in endocrinology. Her law practice allows her to blend the two fields, building upon her scientific knowledge as she immerses herself in cutting edge technology as she researches each case.

“During litigation, I might work with an expert who is a Nobel Prize winner,” she says. “For me, that is like meeting a rock star.”

She has represented clients in cases that address patent enforcement related to cardiovascular stents, trade secrets related to siRNA technology, and Hatch-Waxman infringement cases for an international pharmaceutical company. Her science background is not only helpful but frequently an unanticipated advantage during litigation.  When an expert for the opposition tries to “blind” the attorneys with testimony that includes detailed technology, Muñoz remains unfazed.

Nor does she find the complexity of the issues to be a stumbling block for a jury if the attorney does her job well. In her experience, she has found jurors to be very good at understanding equities and truth in any matter.

Patent litigation is still very much a man’s world, she says. A partner in the fourth largest law firm in the world, Muñoz speaks from a perspective that is all the more notable considering she entered Pace Law School as a mother with three small children.

What is she most proud of?

“The example I gave to my three girls that they can accomplish anything they want,” she said.