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Rules Questions

Questions pertaining to the Rules should be addressed to The Board will provide updated Rules Q&As once a week to all team contacts via email through the NELMCC ListServ. Rules Q&As will also be posted weekly on the NELMCC website. There is no deadline for Rules questions.


Q1: I would like some clarification about when the team composition needs to be reported to Pace. Our team will be composed of three members, but only two have been chosen so far. The two confirmed members were reported with the registration form. The fact sheet on the website states November 14 as the deadline for team confirmation forms. What is the deadline for team composition decisions?

A1: The date that teams must be constituted is October 22, 2014 as stated in Rule III (B) of the Official Rules and also on the Fact Sheet. Notification to the Board can be done via email.

The November 14 date is the deadline for the Team Member Confirmation Form which is different from the team constitution date. The Team Member Confirmation Form not only asks for the team member names, but also coach attendance at oral arguments and food preferences. We use this form to substantiate team members and also for planning.