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September 15, 2008: Summer is Officially Over

Rebecca Emory 

September 15, 2008

Summer is Officially Over

We have been in school for almost 4 weeks now and it seems like I have never left. Adjusting from life in Sierra Leone to the high-paced life of New York has been a little rough, but I’m slowly getting used to it again. It has been great to come back and share summer experiences with my friends. Most of them were abroad as well and I think we all just want to go back to our respective countries.

Yet, reality hit us all. Whoever said that being a 2L is easier was definitely wrong. Although the nervousness of first year is gone, the workload this year is insane. Besides my four classes and a seminar, law review, and applications for summer jobs are taking up a chunk of my time. It seems funny to me that I was complaining about our one paper, the Appellate Brief, last semester since this semester, I have three major papers to write.

In addition, the job-searching process is not making it easier to concentrate on work. Who knew that you would have to apply for jobs almost one year in advance?! Applying for jobs, getting rejections, and then the occasional interview is nerve-wracking. The opening for top summer associate positions is incredibly competitive and the reality is, law firms look first at Harvard and Yale to fill their positions before they come to Pace. The 3Ls are comforting to talk to after you have received 5 rejection letters. They all have been through the process and they all had great jobs this past summer. I know in the end, everything will fall into place and we will all find jobs.

The best thing about being a 2L is that I could pick my classes this year. At Pace, 1L is pre-set and frankly, Torts and Civil Procedure are just not the most interesting subjects. This semester, I am taking International Law, Criminal Procedure: Investigations, Evidence, and Professional Responsibility. In addition, I have an International Human Rights Seminar, which meets once a week. Although the workload is a little crazy, I actually enjoy most of my readings.

For the rest of the semester, I hope that I will find a job so I do not have to worry about that next semester. I’m also trying to make some time to go down to Washington, D.C., to visit college friends. I haven’t seen most of them since before I left for Africa, so I’m eager to visit them. Despite all the work, I like to take days off to focus on other things in life. It is so easy to lose perspective in law school and get stressed out. Last year has shown me that I perform best when I don’t take everything too seriously. School is not everything in life. It is more important to keep a sane mind and take care of yourself. Everyone needs a little fun every now and then.



Rebecca Emory

Second-year Student (2L)

Ratingen, Germany

Undergraduate Degree:  Political Science, George Washington University

Programs: International Criminal Court (ICC) Moot