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Professor Sarah B. Lawsky, University of California School of LawMarch 23, 2015
Dyson Lecture
Professor Sarah B. Lawsky, University of California - Irvine School of Law
“Rule-Based Legal Reasoning”

Robin Kundis CraigApril 1, 2015
Lloyd K. Garrison Lecture on Environmental Law
Professor Robin Kundis Craig, William H. Leary Professor of Law, University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law
“Learning to Live with the Trickster: Narrating Climate Change and the Value of Resilience Thinking.”

Scott Cummings, Professor, UCLA School of LawMarch 16, 2015
Blank Lecture on Attorney Ethics
Professor Scott L. Cummings, UCLA School of Law
“Lawyers and Social Movements.”

November 12, 2014
James D. Hopkins Professor of Law Memorial Lecture
Professor Jill Gross
“Setting the Record Straight: The Supreme Court and 21st Century Arbitration”

Donald DonovanOctober 29, 2014
Sloan Lecture
Donald Francis Donovan, Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP
“The Advocate in the Transnational Justice System”

October 1, 2014
Gilbert and Sarah Kerlin Lecture on Environmental Law
Antonio A. Oposa Jr.
Distinguished International Environmental Scholar-in-Residence
"Shooting Stars and Dancing Fish"

Commissioner Rose HarveyApril 29, 2014
John Jay Lecture
Commissioner Rose Harvey, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
"Stewardship of New York’s Cultural & Natural History"

  >> View lecture video (courtesy of the Jay Heritage Center)

March 26, 2014
Lloyd K. Garrison Lecture on Environmental Law
J.B. Ruhl
David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair in Law
Co-director, Energy, Environment and Land Use Program
Vanderbilt Law School
"In Defense of Ecosystem Services"

September 25, 2013
Kerlin Lecture on Environmental Law
Professor Jason Czarnezki
Gilbert and Sarah Kerlin Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law
“New York City Rules! Regulatory Tools and the Environment”

March 18, 2013
Blank Lecture on Attorney Ethics
Renée Knake
Associate Professor, Michigan State University College of Law; Co-director of the Kelley Institute of Ethics and the Legal Profession
“Democratizing the Delivery of Legal Services”

March 12, 2013
Garrison Lecture on Environmental Law
Lisa Heinzerling
Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
"Inside EPA"

Patricia SalkinJanuary 29, 2013
Kerlin Lecture on Environmental Law
Patricia Salkin
Dean, Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
“The Executive and the Environment: A Look at the Last Five Governors in New York.”

October 3, 2012
Sloan Lecture
Professor Ibrahim Gambari
Joint Special Representative African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID)
“Making Peace in Darfur (Sudan): Stubborn Reality and the Audacity of Hope”

Steven WiseApril 26, 2012
Dyson Lecture
Professor Steven M. Wise
"The Nonhuman Rights Project's Struggle for Nonhuman Personhood"

Jody FreemanMarch 26, 2012
Garrison Lecture
Jody Freeman, Archibald Cox Professor of Law and Director, Environmental Law Program, Harvard Law School
“Climate and Energy Policy in the Obama Administration”

Mark ShulmanMarch 6, 2012
Lincoln Exhibit Opening
"What Abraham Lincoln Can Teach Us about Confronting National Security Threats in the 21" by Dean Mark Shulman

February 23-25, 2012
2012 National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition
The Twenty-fourth Annual National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition was held at Pace Law School; The University of Mississippi School of Law emerged as the winner out of 77 competing law schools from across the nation.

Heidi_HurdThursday, February 9
Dyson Lecture
Professor Heidi M. Hurd
David C. Baum Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy, University of Illinois
"Fouling Our Nest: Is An (Environmental) Ethic Impotent Against (Bad) Economics"


Elizabeth_LacyNovember 10, 2011
Blank Lecture
Justice Elizabeth Lacy, Senior Justice on the Virginia Supreme Court.
“20/20 Vision for 2020 Ethics.”


John CrudenOctober 27, 2011
Kerlin Lecture
John C. Cruden, President, Environmental Law Institute
“Making the Polluter Pay: Environmental Enforcement in the Modern Era.”


May 6, 2011
"Teaching International Law Beyond the Classroom: Engaging Students in Experiential Learning, in Web 2.0, and in Historical and Empirical Research."

Daniel FarberApril 6, 2011
Lloyd K. Garrison Lecture on Environmental Law
Daniel A. Farber.
"Sustainable Consumption and Communities: Bringing the American Way of Life into the Twenty-First Century"

April 5, 2011
"International Symposium on Environmental Courts & Tribunals"

Herbert SloanMarch 10, 2011
John Jay Lecture
Barnard College Professor Herbert Sloan
"The Problem That Would Not Go Away--John Jay and the British Debts'"

February 24-26, 2011
2011 National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition
The Twenty-third Annual National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition was held at Pace Law School; The University of Mississippi School of Law emerged as the winner out of 73 competing law schools from across the nation.

January 28-30, 2011
International Criminal Court (ICC) Competition –
North American Regional Round

This first-of-its-kind international moot competition based on the International Criminal Court (ICC) brought 15 universities to Pace Law School. Wanda M. Akin and Raymond M. Brown, co-founders of the International Justice Project delivered the keynote address.

Janet HalleyNovember 12, 2010
"After Gender? Examining International Justice Enterprise "
A Pace Law Review Symposium & Dyson Distinguished Lecture

October 19, 2010
PILC Career Panel


Him SalzmanOctober 18, 2010
"What is the Emperor Wearing?"  A Critical Look at the Potential of Ecosystem Services for Environmental Protection
Kerlin Lecture Jim Salzman Professor of Law, Professor of Environmental Policy at Duke University

Stephen J. FriedmanOctober 13, 2010
“The Ethical Imperatives for Lawyers.”
Blank Lecture Stephen J. Friedman, seventh president of Pace University, served for three years as dean of Pace University School of Law, and president of Pace University Board of Trustees.

Michael KirbyOctober 4, 2010
“The Use of Foreign Judicial Authority…Why Justice Scalia is Wrong.”
Sloan Lecture The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG


Al ButzelApril 15, 2010
“Storm King Revisited: A View from the Mountaintop”
Lloyd K. Garrison Lecture on Environmental Law with Albert K. Butzel, Esq.

April 14, 2010
"Collaboration Among Lawyers, Politicians, Educators, and Advocates: A Discussion about Autism and Children on the Spectrum"
This is timely discussion by a panel of experts and stakeholders who will share their perspectives and, hopefully, open a collaborative conversation about autism and children who are on the spectrum.

April 13, 2010
"The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP): What Lawyers, Medical Personnel, & Parents Need to Know"
This unique program geared to attorneys, parents, educators, and advocates will provide an essential overview of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and federal Vaccine Court. Some of the nation’s leading legal authorities on these topics will be present at the program, and will cover a variety of important subjects such as: an overview of federal Vaccine Courtand the VICP; the procedures, law and science of a vaccine injury; what is a vaccine injury; and how adverse vaccine reactions are reported. Other speakers will cover who can practice in Vaccine Court; ways to increase chances of success in these claims; and relevant legislation, laws, and regulations. This first time program is relevant to attorneys looking to expand their practice, attorneys with a personal injury practice, medical personnel interested in demonstrating causality in vaccine injuries practice, parents, educators, and the interested public.

R. B. BernsteinApril 8, 2010
"The Intellectual Context of the "Age of Experiments in Government'"
John Jay Lecture with The Founding Fathers Reconsidered Author R. B. Bernstein

Alejandro GarroApril 7, 2010
"The Emerging International Rules on Cross-border Secured Financing and Registration: Challenges and Prospects"
International Commercial Law Lecture with Columbia Law School Professor Alejandro Garro

February 18-20, 2010
2010 National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition
The Twenty-Second Annual National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition was held at Pace Law School; Lewis & Clark Law School emerged from a field of 84 law schools nationwide to win the Competition.

Sunny SchwartzJanuary 25, 2010
"Can Prisons Make Us Safer?: Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice Reform"
Dyson Distinguished Lecture with Sunny Schwartz, Esq., Programs Administrator, San Francisco Sheriff's Department; Founder, Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP)