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2013 Team Briefs

2013 Briefs: Service of Opposing Teams

In satisfaction of the requirement of service on opposing teams, the teams of the 2013 Competition have submitted their electronic briefs to us by email attachments, which we have posted on this Web page.

These files are in PDF format. We screened the files as carefully as possible to make sure that there is no identifying information on each brief, except for the team number.

Competitors: Please take a moment to look at your own team's brief and report any problems by email to nelmcc@law.pace.edu or telephone to (914) 422-4413.


Below are the links to the individual briefs. Although we have scanned all the files for viruses, saving the files gives your virus-scanning software a chance to rescan and is the best practice when downloading files from the Web. If a team has withdrawn from the competition, their corresponding team number will not link to a brief.