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Academic Services

The Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is responsible for the overall development and delivery of the academic program of the Law School. This includes the construction of the academic schedule, and along with the Registrar, the supervision of registration. In addition, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs oversees the Honor Board and the Moot Court Program. This Office also manages the student advisement and academic support programs.

Through the pages in this section, you can register for courses, find your academic advisor, review the requirements for our various degree programs, find the forms that you need in order to take an overload or under load, or get a letter of good standing. You can review the Law School's academic policies and rules, or the Academic Honor Code. You can get your grades and class rank online.

If you have any academic questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, my assistant Beryl Brown, or Assistant Dean Nilda I. Rodriguez in the Registrar's Office. We are all here to ensure that your legal education at Pace Law School is the best that it can be.

Horace E. Anderson
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs