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Access to Other Libraries

Access to a variety of law and research collections is available to Pace Law students, faculty, and staff. Requests for access should be made at least 24 hours in advance to Vicky Gannon, Head of Circulation (914-422-4369).


Pace Law Library is a member of the Academic Law Library Directors of Greater New York (ALLDOG), which also includes the Brooklyn, Cardozo, CUNY, Fordham, Hofstra, New York Law School, Rutgers, St. John's, Seton Hall, and Touro law libraries. Pace Law School students and faculty may use any of these libraries to study or to use resources that our library does not have. Please request a courtesy letter from any Reference Librarian for admittance to these libraries.  The courtesy letter and a valid Pace ID are needed to ensure admittance. CUNY requires only a current, valid law school ID. Specific materials - both monographs and photocopies -  may be borrowed only through interlibrary loan.  If students need semester-long access, these arrangements can also be made by Vicky Gannon.

Students who need to consult material held by Columbia Law Library, NYU Law Library or the library of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York need to request a "green letter." These libraries make their facilities available only when material is not available elsewhere, and are not available for semester-long access.


METRO is composed of over two hundred member libraries including the Pace libraries. Any Reference Librarian may issue a METRO referral card which is intended to give researchers access to a specific item or a collection which is normally not accessible to the general public. Participation in the referral card program is voluntary. Some libraries have access restrictions and none allow borrowing. Specific materials - both books and photocopies  - may be obtained through interlibrary loan.


The Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization (WALDO) is a cooperative venture among academic libraries in Westchester County and the surrounding area.  Through this group, Pace Law School faculty, students, and staff are eligible for on-site use of materials. Specific materials - both monographs and photocopies - may be obtained through interlibrary loan. In an emergency, hand-carried ALA forms are available from Alyson Carney, Public Services Assistant, for immediate borrowing. If using materials on-site, be sure to carry a valid Pace ID to ensure admittance.