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Alcohol Policy

Office of Responsibility: Dean For Students, ext. 4146

  1. Wine may be served at student and law school dinners and at receptions at which there is substantial food service.
  2. All requests for wine service must be approved in writing by the Dean for Students.
  3. Wine will be served by the glass from serving stations or by waiters going from table to table. Bottles of wine or wine in other containers may not be placed at tables during a dinner.
  4. Hard liquor may not be served at any function.
  5. Beer may be served at approved outdoor functions, or functions in the Tudor Room, but must be approved by the Dean for Students. Security must be present and a server is required.
  6. Violations of these procedures, or of the University Policies respecting alcohol use and intoxication, may subject the student to disciplinary action.
  7. A copy of this policy is included in the student organization handbook, which is distributed to the student organization officers at the beginning of each academic year.