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Competition Overview


Each team will submit three short memorials (briefs) requiring the students to research and develop arguments based on the three participants in ICC prosecutions, i.e., the Prosecution, the Defence and the Victims’ Advocates, a new role developed for the first time for the International Criminal Court. These memorials will be evaluated by legal scholars, and prizes will be awarded for best brief, second place runner-up, and third place runner-up in each of the three categories of memorials. Rules and regulations for participation are available on the ICC Trial Competition Web site.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Moot, and one unique to this competition, is that each team of students will participate in three rounds of oral arguments and have the opportunity of arguing from all three perspectives, prosecutor, defence counsel and victims’ advocate. Past participants have commented that they had never experienced a better way of learning the substantive and procedural law in a given area and of fully developing the arguments of the parties than by having the opportunity to make those arguments from all three perspectives during the Moot.

The two highest scored teams in the English-language round will advance to the finals in The Hague, to compete against qualifying teams from around the world.


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