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Guidelines For Use of Facilities of the Law School Campus by External Groups

Managed by: Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, ext. 4225

This policy is intended to clarify the procedures and process for approval by the Law School of requests for use of the Law School campus by external groups.

Subject to all University policies, and in furtherance of its commitment to public interest law, Pace Law School undertakes to assist the legal services community by making its facilities available to not-for-profit groups, free of charge, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. The date and time of the proposed program should not interfere with the ability of the Law School to meet its primary educational mission and the needs of students, Faculty, and staff.
  2. Room rental charges alone will be waived. All other charges such as those imposed by Educational Media, Food Services, Security, or other service departments, will be the responsibility of the outside group. Room arrangements will not be confirmed until the not-for-profit group has agreed in writing to be responsible for the Law School’s expenses incurred in connection with the use of the space.
  3. Subject to Section 5, the Law School will make its facilities available only to not-for-profit groups for the purposes of holding meetings, conferences, training programs, or other events deemed educational in nature. Groups sponsoring non-educational programs will not be permitted the use of Pace Law School facilities.
  4. Not-for-profit groups will not be permitted to hold functions:
    1. for which any fee is charged, unless the event is being co-sponsored by the Law School, or
    2. that compete with existing programs (e.g., CLE, Land Use Center, etc.) of the Law School.
  5. Faculty and senior staff of the Law School may request that law school grant permission for use of Law School facilities by not-for-profit groups with which they are engaged in their capacity as professors or administrators. In such cases, the Law School will make every effort to permit the group to use the Law School’s facilities, whether or not the purpose of the use is educational in nature.
  6. Requests from community groups not engaged in the provision of legal services, or whose proposed program has no legal content (e.g. governmental and political organizations) will be referred to the University's Office of Government and Community Relations which will, in accordance with University policy, decide whether or not the request can be accommodated and determine other ancillary matters such as parking, and fees.
  7. Requests from for-profit groups to use law school facilities will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration and an appropriate fee for use of the facilities, and related services will be charged by the law school.