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History of Pace Law Library

The Law Library of Pace University School of Law actually came into being in the late 1970s in a rented warehouse Valhalla warehousein Valhalla, New York. It was noted that "[s]helving, some of it not too steady," held the resources for the new library, most of which were necessarily being acquired by donation from members of the local legal community or by purchase on the secondhand book market. It was the task of the newly-hired professional librarians and support staff to assemble and process all of those materials.

Apparently, their many stories about "mice, floods, and snow storms" [gave] "a rich and entertaining background to the formation of Pace's substantial book collection by its dedicated and enthusiastic staff." It should also Construction of Pace Law Librarybe remembered that there was no loading dock at the Valhalla warehouse and that the staff "had no book trucks or hand carts and ... all books and mail had to be hand carried from place to place." (Martha Keister and Nicholas Triffin, The Life and Times of the Pace Law Library: A Ten Year Retrospective and a Peek into the Future, Timely Notice, Decennial Issue 1976-1986, 17 (1986)).

Click here to download the entire History of Pace Law Library, written on the occasion of the rededication of Pace Law Library by Margaret R. Moreland, Lawyer / Librarian for Research Services.