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Honors Prosecution Externship

LAW 710D
6 credit hours (4 clinical, 2 academic)
Fall or Spring

The Honors Prosecution Externship gives students the opportunity to actively participate in the daily preparation and prosecution of criminal cases under the supervision of Assistant District Attorneys. This course is open to students who have secured a non-paid position with a District Attorney’s Office that has a Student Practice Order from the Appellate Division.

Students will be able to: draft accusatory instruments, interview witnesses, conduct arraignments, negotiate plea bargains, appear at calendar calls, engage in motion practice and discovery, conduct hearings and actively participate in trials.

Students will spend two full days per week in the Westchester County District Attorney’s office.  During the first two weeks of the semester (in several full-day sessions), students will receive intensive training in lawyering skills and New York State criminal procedure law.  Thereafter, the seminar will meet weekly to prepare students for specific court appearances, engage in simulations and discuss various aspects of criminal prosecutions.

Prerequisites:  Evidence, Criminal Procedure-Investigation.  Preference is given to students with demonstrated commitment to criminal justice work and strong academic performance.