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Innovation Fund and Application Procedures

Office of Responsibility: Dean of Law, ext. 4407

The Innovation Fund is available to Associate Deans, Faculty, the Dean for Students, Students, and the Law Librarian for new initiatives that will further the Law School’s academic mission.

Applications should be received in the Dean’s office no later than April 1st for the following academic year.

These applications should briefly:

  1. set out the intended use of the funds;
  2. explain how the funds will be used to further the academic agenda of the Law School;
  3. explain how our students will benefit from the use of the funds;
  4. indicate if any outside funds have been obtained or will be applied for to support the initiative;
  5. indicate if there are revenue gains to be expected through the use of these funds; and
  6. include a proposed budget for the program.

The only limitation on the use of the funds is that they are awarded for one-time-only expenses, in order to ensure that funds are available in following years to support other innovative ideas.

After receipt of approval for funding, the successful applicant is expected to work with appropriate law school staff to plan for, market, implement and budget for the intended use of the funds.

The successful applicant will provide a written report to the Dean of Law no later than three months after completion of the funded project. Such report may be distributed to faculty and deans and directors by the Dean of Law.