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JD\MS in Environmental Policy

Bard College - Bard Center for Environmental Policy

Thanks to its innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum, Bard’s MS in Environmental Policy quickly fosters students’ abilities to create feasible and effective environmental policies. Facilitating the use of best practices at local, regional, national, and international levels, the Center helps to promote greater understanding among scientists, economists, lawyers, ethicists, and policy-makers.

Degree Requirements
Students in the JD/MS program must earn a total of 132 credits, 88 credits from Pace Law School and 44 credits from Bard. Ten credits from Bard can be applied towards a JD from from Pace. The Pace-Bard program also requires at least four years in residence, with two and a half years spent at Pace and one and a half years at Bard. Students must also complete an internship that fulfills the degree requirements of both schools.

Timing/When to Apply
First-year law students at Pace can apply to the dual degree, and if accepted, commence their MS degree at Bard in year two, and then return to Pace for three more semesters. All students return to Bard in the spring of the fourth year to complete final courses and a master’s thesis. The internship requirement for Bard CEP may be fulfilled through completion of a previously approved Pace internship, externship, or clinic program that has an environmental focus.