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Job Search Tools

To attain legal employment you will need time, effort and patience. You will also need an organized plan.  Below are some tools to help you with your job search.

Expand your understanding of the "state of the market."  Keep up with the various law journals, especially the New York Law Journal, the Connecticut Law Tribune, and the National Law Journal.  These resources are all available in the Pace Law Library and online.  You should also look for journals and websites that cover your particular geographic or practice area of interest.  You should also read a major newspaper or newssite (like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal) on a daily basis.

Expand your knowledge of legal career options.  You can explore various career paths; identify your interests; identify your options.  Make a special effort to attend the Center for Career and Professional Development's panel presentations and workshops during the academic year.

Expand your list of geographic alternatives to include areas outside of the New York city metropolitan area.  Many magazines, such as Money, Outside and Kiplinger’s, produce annual reports on the "best places" to work and live.

Expand your list of contacts in the legal community.   A discussion of how to expand your "network" through informational interviews is contained within Section VIII of the LEG and in the NALP Guide to Small Firm Employment, which can be found in the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Seek guidance from Pace Law School alumni.  Contact the Center for information regarding alumni who practice in areas of topical and geographic interest to you.

Expand your employer research techniques and your pre-interview research techniques to include information searches using Westlaw, Lexis/Nexis and the NALP Directory at The Lawyer Directory on is a comprehensive resource directory available for identifying law firms and individual lawyers.

Surf the Web
Become familiar with the legal resources available on the Internet. Utilizing a search engine such as Google, for example, can provide you with very helpful information, including the websites of many law firms, corporations, and public sector organizations.  For a list of helpful Internet Resources, please click here.

Check the Center for Career Development’s Job Postings website at for up-to-date information on permanent, summer and part-time job opportunities that have been listed with our office.

Sharpen your interview skills. Participate in a mock interview; appointments for mock interviews conducted by a career counselor may be made throughout the academic year at any time.  Watch the Acing the Interview video for great tips and the "do's and dont's" of interviewing.  

Carefully draft and review your resume and cover letters.  Your written materials should be reviewed by a career counselor before you submit them to employers to apply for positions. You must also carefully proofread all your materials, before and after they are reviewed by a member of the Center’s staff.  Resume samples on our Resources page represent standard legal resume formats; yours should be similarly formatted.

Familiarize yourself with the bar admission and registration requirements for the state(s) in which you plan to take the bar exam.  Certain jurisdictions require early registration by law students; fees are assessed for late registration.  For up-to-date bar admission information, visit the National Board of Bar Examiners website at www.ncbex.orgFor LL.M. students: Please note that each state’s bar admission requirements for foreign law school graduates may be found at: