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Law Student Accounts

There is a single login required for all Pace University and Pace Law School resources in the domain.  Your User Name or account login will be required to identify yourself when accessing all resources on the intranet and network including email, student-use workstations on the Pace Law School campus, authentication on the wireless network and the MyPace portal as well as additional resources.  Your Pace User Name will be your initials followed by randomized numbers and looks similar to jd12345w.  If you do not know your Pace User Name, you can search for it in the Pace University White Pages.

Using the Pace University White Pages to find contact information:

  • Direct your internet browser to
  • Select W from the A-Z index
  • Select White Pages (the third option) from the list
  • To find your Pace User Name, type your name in the field titled Search by Name
  • Select Students or All from the dropdown list in the field for Search Scope
  • Click the button to Search when ready. 
  • In the Results pane, select the View Details link for your name from the list
  • Your contact information will open in a new window

Your Pace User Name is listed in the contact window.  The first time that you login you will be required to change your password.  The initial password for all students is your first and last name initials followed by a hyphen and then your birth date, e.g., jd-120386 (the birth date is in MMDDYY format) The changed password must meet security requirements and may not include part of your name or Social Security number, and must include a combination of lower case and upper case letters as well as a number.  *Important* Once your password has been changed, please do not share it with anyone.

All Pace Law School students are provided two email addresses – one is the Pace University User Name followed by (e.g., and the law school specific email address which is generally (e.g.  All email is delivered to the one mailbox at This mailbox is also accessible in the MyPace Portal and on the Pace Law School website; there is a link for Pace Law Email on the bottom navigation bar.