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Mediation Practicum

Mediation Practicum
Law 690C/690D
4 credit hours (2 academic, 2 clinical)
One semester

The Mediation Practicum offers students the unique opportunity to gain hands on experience in the growing field of mediation. The two-credit practicum is open to students who also enroll in the mediation seminar. (Students who wish to enroll only in the seminar do not need to apply to the practicum). The goal of the four-credit combined course is to provide students with a working knowledge of the mediation process in addition to affording them the opportunity to mediate actual cases. 

All practicum participants are required to attend an intensive training (including lecture and role-play).  This training will introduce students to the mediation process and provide them with hands-on experience required for their practicum service.  The training will take place at Pace over a three day period (either prior to the start of classes, or within the first weeks of the semester).     

The mediation practicum offers students an experiential learning opportunity in which they will participate in actual mediations as volunteer mediators.  In addition to meeting weekly for the seminar course, students will spend four hours per week at one of the mediation centers Pace has partnered with.  Students will first observe and later participate as mediators.  Additionally, students will learn how to draft mediation agreements.

At the end of the semester, students are required to participate in a video taped “mock” mediation which will be analyzed by the Professor and other students.  Students are also required to volunteer as “parties” for their classmates’ videotaped sessions.

Prerequisites:  Enrollment in mediation seminar and intensive mediation training.  Permission of the instructors after application and interview.