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Moot Court Program

Policy and Procedures for Including a Moot In the Competitive Moot Court Program

Office of Responsibility: Director of Moot Court Programs, ext. 4404

  1. No later than February 28th of the spring semester, the Director of the Moot Court Program will solicit expressions of interest from faculty and students regarding adding an additional Moot or Moots to the Program.

  2. The expression of interest should identify the Moot, confirm substantial and continuing student interest, and, in consultation with the Director, include a proposed budget for the Moot.

  3. The Director, in consultation with the Academic Dean, will determine if the Moot is appropriate to be added to the Moot Court Program in light of the Law School's academic priorities.

  4. The Director will include one or more additional competitive Moots to the Moot Court Program, in light of funding, student interest, the availability of a qualified faculty Moot advisor and the academic priorities of the Law School.

  5. On the Moot’s inclusion in the program, the Director, in consultation with the Chair of the Curriculum Committee, will bring to the Faculty a motion to include the Moot in the Moot Court Program in order that the students who participate in the Moot will receive academic credit for their participation.