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LAW 906 – Negotiation

Credits: 2 academic

This course will focus on the techniques and skills necessary to bring parties to an agreement, including assessment of the issues, persuasion methods, and problem solving. The course will also review the various methods of resolving disputes other than through litigation, including arbitration and mediation.

This course will develop the students’ understanding of and ability to use the principles and techniques of effective negotiating with a view to creating their own successful style as practicing lawyers. The students will learn to identify and assess the variables in negotiation, sound negotiation planning techniques, various negotiation strategies and tactics and to then apply them in one-on-one and group exercises. The methodology is highly participative and utilizes class discussion and simulations. Most activities will take place in class but, there are assigned readings and the students must prepare for the in-class activities. Class size is limited to 10 students (with a minimum of 6 needed).