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Office Move Protocol

Office of Responsibility: Finance and Administration, ext. 4225

The purpose of the Office Move Protocol is to ensure that Office of Finance and Administration can plan for the allocation of law school and university staff time for the summer months, and to ensure that all moves are completed prior to the commencement of classes.

  1. On March 15 of each year, the Chief Operating Officer will make a request of all deans and directors and faculty regarding office moves that will be required for the summer months. A reminder notice will be sent on April 1.
  2. Requests for office moves must be submitted to the COO on or before April 15 of each year.
  3. Requests for office moves that are received later than April 15th will not be accepted unless the required move could not have been anticipated before that date.
  4. The COO will ensure that all office moves are planned and completed from May 25 to August 15, and will communicate the planned moving dates to the Faculty and Deans and Directors.
  5. The following matters must be planned for each move:
    1. boxes provided for the move;
    2. painting of offices while empty;
    3. phone lines installed or relocated;
    4. computer lines installed or relocated;
    5. an assessment of computing needs in the relevant spaces and provision of computers/printers as needed;
    6. an assessment of fax needs in the relevant spaces and the provision of fax services as needed;
    7. an assessment of duplicating needs in the relevant spaces and provision of duplicating services as needed;
    8. an assessment of carpeting needs in the relevant spaces and provision of carpeting as required;
    9. an assessment of furniture needs in the relevant spaces, and acquisition/provision of furniture as required;
    10. an assessment of lighting needs in the relevant spaces and the provision of lighting as required;
    11. an assessment of HVAC needs in the relevant spaces and the repair/replacement of HVAC as required;
    12. notification of students, staff and faculty of changes;
    13. provision of new signage for the offices and for the main entranceways to the campus and campus buildings if necessary, and
    14. updating of campus guide.