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Paths to Practice

Pace Law School’s Paths to Practice curricular approach provides students a roadmap for pursuing their particular interest in law, with a focus on the knowledge and skills actually needed to work in particular specialties.  Our Certificates are grounded in interdisciplinary subject matter and encourage engagement with law on a global level. The Concentrations start with required foundational courses in a given area, build on those courses with intermediate doctrinal electives and related courses, and culminate with a practical skills-based capstone experience.  Students must notify the Registrar of their intention to pursue a Certificate or Concentration, and they must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 or better, with an average grade of B or better in Certificate/Concentration courses.

Our Professional Tracks provide a more flexible way for students to organize their course selections around a particular practice interest.  The Professional Tracks are recommended courses and course sequences, and no notification or minimum GPA is necessary.      



Professional Tracks

Family Law
Health Law
Immigration Law
Intellectual Property
Labor and Employment Law
Law and Technology
Trusts and Estates