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Pretrial Civil Litigation Simulation

(Law 817A/817B)

4 credit hours (2 clinical and 2 academic), Fall or Spring semester

An intensive, practical introduction to pretrial civil litigation, this course focuses on the pretrial development of a civil case. Pretrial is the heart of civil litigation because most civil cases are resolved without going to trial. Simulation helps students make the transition from student to lawyer by offering structured, closely-supervised practice in the wide range of lawyering skills necessary in litigation – planning, problem solving, investigation, networking, legal and factual analysis, thinking strategically, communicating effectively, and working with others.

This course has no prerequisites other than permission of the professor. Each student interviews a client and develops the client’s case during the course of the semester. Students analyze the law and investigate the facts of the case, draft relevant pleadings, prepare and respond to interrogatories and other discovery requests, take and defend depositions, and brief and argue a pretrial motion.