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Selling Photocopies Materials in the Bookstore

Office of Responsibility: Finance and Administration, ext. 4225

  1. In general, Faculty members may photocopy as free handouts up to 100 pages for each of the students in their courses.
  2. Faculty and staff will, to the extent possible, use TWEN to distribute materials to their students.
  3. Except for courses that require handouts of current materials on short notice or on an ongoing basis throughout the term, Faculty members who wish to hand out more than 100 pages per student, will make their best efforts to arrange for the distribution of those materials through the bookstore or through TWEN.
  4. Materials to be photocopied by Graphics for sale by the Bookstore must include the following:
    1. A cover page that includes a notice informing students of the civil and criminal liabilities associated with their reproducing the materials. The notice will be prepared by University Counsel.
    2. Copies of releases from all authors, or holders of copyrights, that Pace Law School has permission to photocopy the materials.
    3. A graphics form signed by the Assistant Dean and Registrar (Nilda Rodriguez), indicating a quantity that is 80% of the anticipated enrollment in the course.
  5. Graphics will be able to produce additional quantities of materials on two days notice if additional copies are requested after all copies have been sold.
  6. The Bookstore will price the materials with a 20% markup over the cost incurred by Graphics. Past experience indicates that such a markup will enable this program to break even, since the Law School is required to reimburse the bookstore for any unsold materials.
  7. Faculty shall make their best efforts to print the materials for sale as a complete document. Past experience has shown that sales drop off if the materials are sold as separate sections throughout the semester.
  8. Faculty will make their best efforts to reduce the photocopying of materials available on Lexis/Westlaw.