Spring Semester Recruitment

Our recruitment program in the spring is specifically designed to meet the unique hiring needs of the small to mid-size firms and public sector employers, who often do not know their hiring needs as far in advance as the larger firms and government employers who participate in our fall recruitment programs.  In addition to contacting employers directly or responding to postings on Symplicity, students may participate in our Spring Recruitment Program which takes place in February, March and April each year.  

Employers that Recruit in the Spring for Summer Positions

(a) Private Sector

Corporate legal departments, small to mid-size law firms and public interest organizations are more likely to hire in the spring for the following summer. Since small firms make their decision to hire on an as-needed basis, the majority of small firm listings are received from February through May.

(b) Public Sector

State judges generally hire for summer from January through May. For state court judges in the Ninth Judicial District’s Summer Judicial Internship Program, the deadline to apply is generally in late March/early April.  The Center holds a program in the spring which focuses on how to obtain judicial internships in the Ninth Judicial District. 

Most public interest organizations hire for the summer in the late winter and early spring, often at the NYU Public Interest Career Fair in February.