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Travel Funding Policy

Faculty Conference and Travel Funding Policy


Updated June 6, 2009

Faculty members are encouraged to attend and present at academic and professional conferences. In addition to raising the scholarly profile of the participant, such participation enhances the reputation of Pace Law School. For the fiscal year July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010, $2,000 will be set aside for each member of the tenure-track and tenured faculty to cover the reasonable costs of conference attendance, including the AALS conference. Reasonable costs of conference attendance include, by way of illustration and not by way of limitation, travel, registration fees, meals and lodging. Within and subject to University rules and regulations regarding professional travel and fees, each faculty member may decide for himself or herself how and when to spend his or her conference budget.

As long as requests for reimbursement fall under the $2,000 cumulative annual budget and comply with applicable University rules , advance approval for academic or professional conference attendance is not required. Please keep in mind that we are subject to University rules that establish daily limits on reimbursements for meals, requirements for low-cost air travel and requirements for modest-level lodging accommodations. Funds will not be rolled over from year to year and may not be used for anything other than academic or professional conference-related attendance by a faculty member.

Subject to budgetary constraints and other equitable considerations, it is our hope and expectation that additional conference funding will be available on a discretionary basis. Conference-related expenses in excess of a faculty member’s $2,000 annual budget may be approved for reimbursement in the discretion of the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, if the expenses have been approved in advance. Generally speaking, we will give priority to discretionary requests for conference funding where a faculty member is presenting his or her scholarly work. All requests for discretionary funding should be directed to the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, whose decisions will be final.