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Centers & Institutes

Pace Law's ongoing commitment to serving the needs of our students, the community, and the legal profession has led us to develop cutting-edge centers and special programs that anticipate, explore, and influence evolving areas of the law. Through our centers, institutes, and clinics, faculty, students, and professionals join forces to pursue justice for diverse members of our community - while our highly regarded continuing legal education programs let practicing attorneys sharpen their skills, stay on top of emerging legal trends, and learn how to better serve their clients and communities. As a relatively young law school, Pace directs its innovative spirit into emerging and re-emerging realms of the law where it can play a decisive role in shaping policy and structuring practice. Our practice of sensing and seizing opportunities for legal study has led us to introduce and develop centers of interest in fields beyond the traditional Juris Doctor.

These programs offer opportunities for student scholarship and research.