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Our Programs

Through the work of its programs, centers, and institutes, the Land Use Law Center offers conferences, seminars, clinics, academic law school courses, continuing legal education programs, audio podcasts, and frequent  publications on contemporary land use, real estate, and environmental issues.

Research & Innovation Program
Through its student-driven Research & Innovation Program, the Center identifies and addresses cutting-edge land use issues.  It encourages greater settlement in urban areas and the preservation of critical environmental resources.  The Center works with urban communities to identify obstacles to redevelopment and create opportunities for revitalization and with suburban communities to identify appropriate development sites.  It also tackles land use issues such as preservation of fragile ecosystems, sustainable urban design, carbon sequestration, and climate change mitigation.

Land Use Leadership Alliance (LULA) Training Program
The Land Use Law Center leads the nation in educating local land use leaders through training programs in land use law and community decision-making.  It has graduated almost 2000 leaders from its four-day intensive program and garnered over 100 formal resolutions of support from local governments and businesses.  The Center also conducts one-day municipal training programs and offers resources including its  Gaining Ground Resource & Information Database and  Land Use Law Center Newsletter.

Kheel Center on the Resolution of Environmental Interest Disputes
Housed in the Land Use Law Center, the Kheel Center focuses on environmental interest conflicts of critical importance to communities, states, and regions that require innovative resolution strategies and forums.  Its long-term objective is to encourage law students and attorneys to use their fact-finding and settlement skills to resolve land use and environmental disputes that are not amenable to resolution by traditional means of adjudication.